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Bakery Hamilton

Bakery Hamilton

Our Menu

*NOTICE*- Unfortunately due to the consistent increases in raw materials and utilities we are forced to increase our prices. We hope that you will see that even if with the increase, we are still very competitive. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and we thank you for your continued patronage.

Football fans? Planning for the biggest game of the season? Need something to pair with those delicious chilled brewskis?
Genuine Bakery is pleased to cater your Super Bowl PAR-TAY!

The Super Bowl Special includes:

  • 3 Foot Assorted Sub
  • 60 Wings (Mild or Hot)
  • Choice of 2 Slab Pizza's (Pepperoni/Vegetarian/Deluxe)

For only $120.00 this entire special feeds 10-15 people so ORDER TODAY!!!!

Place your order by calling us at 905 545 3027 or email us your at or by Wednesday January 31st, 2018.

We look forward to tackling your hunger!

Regular Menu

(All prices based on a minimum order of 20 people)
(All menus include dinner rolls and butter)

  1. Homemade lasagna (meat) or Cannelloni (meat or cheese)
    Oven Roasted Chicken
    Oven Roasted Italian Sausage
    Oven Roasted Potatoes or Choice of Vegetables
    Fresh Garden Salad $12.49 person + taxes

  2. Penne with Red Sauce
    Oven Roasted Chicken
    Oven Roasted Italian Sausage
    Oven Roasted Potatoes or Vegetables
    Fresh Garden Salad $11.49 + taxes

  3. Lasagna (meat) or Cannelloni (meat or cheese)
    Roasted Veal Slices in Gravy
    Peas and Mushrooms
    Baby Carrots
    Oven Roasted Potatoes
    Fresh Garden Salad $14.49 + taxes

  4. Lasagna (meat)
    Oven Roasted Chicken
    Oven Roasted Potatoes or Vegetables
    Fresh Garden Salad $11.49 + taxes

  5. Lasagna (meat)
    Oven Roasted Chicken or
    Oven Roasted Italian Sausage
    Fresh Garden Salad $10.49 + taxes

  6. Penne with Red Sauce
    Bread Pork Tenderloin Cutlet
    Baby Carrots or Peas and Mushrooms
    Fresh Garden Salad
    Assorted mini Pastries $11.49 + taxes

  7. Three Cheese Baked Pasta
    Chicken Breast Cutlet(5oz)
    Italian Sausage
    Garden Salad
    Assort. Rolls+Butter
    $12.49pp + HST
    Price based on a minimum of 20 people

  8. Choice of (1) Pasta
    Meat/Cheese Tortellini
    Choice of (2) meats
    Chicken cutlet
    Grilled Chicken Breast
    Roast Veal in Gravy
    Veal Parmesan
    Veal Scallopini
    Pork Tenderloin Cutlet
    Italian Sausage with Peppers + Onions
    Choice of (2) Vegetables
    Roasted Potatos
    Peas + Mushroom
    Baby Carrots
    String Beans
    Choice of (1) Salad
    Rolls + butter

*add your choice of vegetable for $1.49

more pp* Please allow 5 business days notice

Also Available: Dinner Rolls and Butter, Cold Cut Trays, Mixed Vegetables with Dip, Cheese Trays $7.49 per person + taxes

Other Dishes include: Stuffed Peppers with Rice, Cabbage Rolls, Chicken Sticks, Cheese Perogies, Ravioli or Tortellini (meat or cheese), and Stuffed Jumbo Shells with Ricotta Cheese.